In-Person Service Protocols


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

In-person service guidelines

  1. Eagle Bend Community Church (hereafter, EBCC) will follow all social/physical distancing requirements. 
  2. Person(s) having symptoms of COVID-19 as well as persons who have had close contact with a person who has symptoms like dry cough, chest tightness, and/or fever to refrain from entering the building and participating in in-person service. 
  3.  People must always be at least 6 feet apart while seated and standing. Two from the same household may sit together.
  4. There will be no singing, handshaking, handholding, hugging, bulletins, communion passing, or offertory taken. 
  5. We are aware that we are a high-risk people over 80% age 65 and older.
  6. The congregants will need to make a reservation to attend.  The attendee list will be given to Jennifer Stoneking at the end of the service. 
  7. According to the CDC Reopening for Churches it is recommended that 50 attendees would be the maximum number.  
  8. Anyone with a pre-existing immune or respiratory condition, will not be attending. 
  9. We will be taking attendees temperatures upon entering the room the volunteers will wear a face shield, mask, and gloves. The volunteers will be asking about signs of illness before admitting anyone. Disallow individuals with elevated temperatures or signs of illness (coughing, runny nose, sneezing). AV Tech will take his temperature before arriving.
  10. We will ensure attendees entering the Antero room that it will be mandatory that they wear a face mask.  If they should come without one, one will be provided it will cover their mouth and nose while attending the service.
  11. We will be providing hand sanitizers in convenient locations and require everyone to use hand sanitizer upon entering the room. 
  12. We will not have refreshments available.
  13. Once the Porter arranges the numbers of chairs requested in the appropriate configuration, we have a staff person who will wipe down all the chairs before congregants arrives with EPA approved disinfectant and at the end of the service. To include all visible open areas such as counter tops, doorknobs, tables, etc. 
  14. We will have available, masks, face shields and gloves.
Throughout this process, we will stay flexible and continue to be aware of the approach our State and Local Governments are taking.